We know cargo bikes are great for carrying stuff. But how are they as, you know, regular bikes?

After my last video, in which I tested an e-cargo bike’s hauling capabilities, I thought it would be useful to see if you can use a cargo bike for regular, everyday bike things to see if it can function as your main transportation option. Big thanks to Riese & Muller for loaning me this bike (and thanks to local bike shop Power in Motion for their support as well), and for sponsoring bike month here on Shifter. Their unconditional support – they had no say in the content of these videos — helps keep this channel going, so please check them out.

This isn’t intended to be a review of this bike, but if you’re curious, I’m riding the Riese & Muller Load 75

Thanks also to Maddy Novich, also known as Cargo Bike Momma on Instagram.