Is winter cycling the last bastion of anti-bike political grandstanding? Sigh.


The most important things your city can do to make it better for winter cycling

We often think of winter cycling as a personal thing, but there’s a lot a city can do to encourage more people to ride a bike year-round. Here are three things that a city can do to make bike commuting and transportation cycling easier in winter.

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Tom Babin is the author of Frostbike: The Joy, Pain and Numbness of Winter Cycling. 

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Ride a bike on winter snow and ice without slipping and falling


Does your city hate you because you ride a bike? Mine kinda does

Do you ever have those moments on a bike when you feel like the city doesn’t really want you there? I decided to document some of those feelings on a recent ride.

How many gears should you have on your urban bike? Three. Or maybe eight. But no more!

Can a clearance Ikea bike trailer do what a cargo bike can?

What to wear to stay dry in the rain while riding your bike

Two new video ads show everything that’s wrong (and right) about the bike industry right now

Fixed-gear bikes are totally ridiculous. Except for these three things

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